Redefining Realities: Lorne Fade's Adventures in XR and Digital Marketing

I develop emerging technology companies built for future sustainability and adoption. Follow me on my journey to make the world a better place with technology innovation.

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As a long-time digital marketer and newly seasoned virtual reality entrepreneur, my name is Lorne Fade, and I've had the privilege of making a significant impact in my industry through my innovative ideas and cutting-edge solutions (with help from some very talented colleagues I might add).

Growing up in a small town outside Toronto, Canada, my fascination with technology began at a young age when my mother bought me my first computer (at age 11 I believe). I was always tinkering with computers and gadgets, and my love for all things digital only grew stronger as I got older. After completing my studies in computer science, I started my career as a digital marketer, working with some of the biggest names in the industry and eventually going at it alone and starting my own digital agency, Academic Ads.

It was during this time that I realized the potential exponential reach of the internet, it was the early 2000’s and we were in the midst of the .com boom. I saw it as the future of digital marketing, a tool that could transform the way people interact with brands and products. Driven by this vision, I grew my agency to over 50+ clients and $3M in revenue. No small feat for a team of 6 people.

This was until I had a falling out with my business partner at the time. Long story short, he got into alcohol and drug abuse and left me no choice but to abandon ship. When one thing falls apart, however, another door opens, and that door for me was VR Vision. With the help of one of my best friends, we started VR Vision, and our company quickly gained recognition for its innovative approach to virtual reality. My expertise in digital marketing helped us create immersive experiences that engaged consumers in ways never seen before.

Today, VR Vision is at the forefront of the virtual reality revolution, creating experiences that are changing the way enterprise groups train employees at scale, as well as the way people interact with their brands and products. My dedication and passion for my work have earned me a reputation as a thought leader and visionary in the industry. I'm often invited to speak at conferences and events, sharing my insights and knowledge with others in the industry.

Alongside VR Vision I also run several other small startups that are related to augmented reality, digital marketing, and even health and wellness. But my success has not been without its challenges. I've faced setbacks and obstacles along the way, but my resilience and determination have helped me overcome them all. I believe that failure is an essential part of the entrepreneurial journey, and I encourage others to embrace it as a learning opportunity.

In addition to my work in virtual reality, I'm also a philanthropist and a mentor to young entrepreneurs. I believe that giving back is a vital part of success, and I'm committed to using my knowledge and experience to help others achieve their dreams.

My journey is a testament to the power of innovation, dedication, and hard work. I've proven that with the right mindset and approach, anything is possible. And as the world continues to evolve, I'm sure to be at the forefront of the next technological revolution.

To continued success,

Lorne Fade


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