Increase your Conversions with Tracking202 Pro!

Recently the guys over at Tracking202 had sent me an email saying they are ready to launch their brand new updated platform Tracking202 Pro. I’ve toyed around with Tracking202 but have always used Prosper202, and it has always been good to me. But now all that has changed with the launch of Tracking202 Pro!

Tracking is definitely one of the single most pressing issues when it comes to making money online with PPC marketing. How else would you be able to track and monitor your clicks for your keywords to see what is converting effectively. The truth is that most affiliates dont have good enough tracking and fail to monitor their clicks properly, costing them thousands of dollars on advertising. From what I saw from the original Tracking202, they allowed multiple campaigns across multiple networks similar to Prosper202, and it was great, but apparently that wasn’t enough because the guys at Trackign202 have upped the bar to add even more features.

Original Tracking202 Vs. Tracking202 Pro

Unlike the original, Tracking202 Pro is fully integrated with the big three PPC networks (Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, MSN AdCenter) and the affiliate networks which means the application is able to download all of your data automatically without you having to do anything. It is also able to get 100% precise cost tracking, and it also pulls in your subids from your networks nightly.

The Tracking202 setup is also made easier than ever. Simply add your PPC account login information, your affiliate account info, and place one piece of javascript code across all of your affiliate pages. Once that is done, the only thing you will need to do is make a simple PHP redirect, and basically redirect your traffic to your affiliate link and add in their Tracking202 subid at the end.

Tracking202 Pro will download nightly, all of your cost data from the Google, Yahoo and MSN networks, and then automatically sync all of your conversions. This will enable you to view your conversions with pinpoint accuracy, so you can find out exactly which keywords are performing and/or underperforming.

You can analyze your keywords as well as your bids on keywords next to each other. You can also split your traffic between search and content network. You can see the campaign, adgroup and creative being clicked on in real time using their spy-view. This will eliminate the labourious importing of keyword lists and in general make your life a hell of a lot easier.

Free 7-Day Trial Offer


Tracking 202 Pro Free Trial

Tracking202 Pro is a paid hosted enterprise level PPC conversion tracking platform. Unlike the original, Tracking202 Pro isn’t free. The platform was built expressly for affiliates using search to promote CPA or CPS offers. You will increase your tracking effectiveness, save tons of time and in general make MORE money using this system, and I would recommend it for new affiliate marketers and seasoned ones alike.

If you’re a seasoned PPC marketer, then Tracking202 Pro is a must have tool. If you’re just starting out, then begin with the free Tracking202 to get your feet wet. Or, you can jump right into Tracking202 Pro and see if you can make back that $19.95 monthly fee in the next seven days. Either way it’s a great product that I fully endorse and would recommend to any affiliate out there.