Best iPad apps for Internet Marketing

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So the holidays are over, everyone is getting ready for ASW and the various new years parties taking place… annnd I just got myself a shiny new iPad 2.  So far I’ve been looking far and wide for the best apps to increase productivity in the daily grind of an internet marketer. Here’s the best i’ve found thus far (open to debate) so take a peek, and feel free to drop a line if you have a recommendation for an app I haven’t mentioned.

The Best iPad apps for Internet Marketing

Dropbox (Free) – This app needs no introduction as I’m sure many of you are aware and have used dropbox by now, at least the for-PC variant.  Dropbox’s iPad app is no different, allowing you to share and send files from anywhere. Great for outsourcing & working VA’s.

Evernote (Free) – Easily allows you to sync all your notes to the cloud and access them via any PC, iPad and iPhone. Mainly used to keep track and organize everything, from to do lists, to receipts, to campaign updates and everything in between.

HootSuite (Free) – If you’re a serious internet marketer, then you need to be able to update, post, follow, tweet, like and completely immerse yourself in social media. Hootsuite makes this a breeze by connecting you to Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn to manage all your social media from one easy to use platform.

Dragon Dictation (Free) – Those of you who are familiar with Dragon Naturally Speaking will have no problems diving right into Dragon Dictation.  This app allows you to convert speech to text and works well if you like to overly pronounce words for long periods of time.

GoToMeeting (Free) – Same as what you’d expect from GoToMeeting, allowing you to view webinars from your iPad as well as host conferences and generally get shit done.  Great for collaboration and working remotely with others abroad.

GoodReader ($4.99) – This is bare none the best PDF reader for the iPad.  Its easy to use and you can drag and drop pretty much any eBook via iTunes and your off and reading.  I’ve loaded 100’s of books onto my iPad and this makes reading them a breeze. Worth the $5.

WordPress (Free) – Allows you to manage all of your WordPress blogs in one easy to use interface. From here you can edit and write posts straight from your iPad.  This is great for anyone who runs WordPress blogs and wants to manage them on the iPad.

1Password ($5.99) – Makes it easy for you to keep all your passwords in one place, which is awesome considering how hard it is to remember passwords these days.  Not to mention the hassle of entering special characters and long alpha-numeric passwords on the iPad.

Analytics Pro ($5.99) – Very intuitive analytics app that allows you to view all of your sites metrics and statistics on the fly.  Similar to Google analytics and on a clean easy to use interface, what’s not to love?

SEM Calculator (Free) – This application gives you multiple calculators which allow you to figure out everyday Search Engine Marketing equations (ROI, EPC, CPM etc.) These calculators are also applicable for professionals who do online media buying of banners or emails. Extremely useful app and easy as hell to use.

iSSH ($9.99) – This was recommended to me and makes it virtually a cakewalk to manage your website servers and file details.  Easily telnet, ssh with a tunneled VNC client, RDP client and an x server.

Textastic ($9.99) – This is similar to notepad++ only for the ipad.  Great app for coding up landing pages and websites on the go.  Easy to use and a nice and clean interface to work on. Highlights the syntax of more than 80 different types of files while you’re typing. All the good stuff in this one.

SplashTop HD ($4.99) – This app is great, it basically gives you full access to your remote PC on your iPad.  While it may seem clunky to work your way around your desktop on a touchscreen, once you get used to it and realize the potential application of this app, the possibilities are limitless.

Honorable mentions:

Overall I’m trying to make the most of my iPad in terms of productivity, and while i’ve never been a fan of Apple, the iPad is starting to grow on me.  I recently picked up a Logitech Tablet Keyboard and hopefully this added with the aforementioned apps and some creativity will help produce some quality work for 2014.  Remember these apps are only tools to aid you in your work, thinking outside the box and getting creative can make some processes MUCH easier if you apply yourself correctly.  Good luck and a prosperous 2014 to everyone!


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    Great list, I’ve been looking for some great productivity apps to include on my new ipad2, and so far i’ve added 8 of these lol, keep em coming!~

    Thanks for the list, subscribed!

  2. says

    Not a bad list at all. I’d also recommend looking at Koder as a alternative to texttastic (I haven’t tried that yet, but from the reviews Koder looks more my style).

    Other than that, I use the built in Twitter manager instead of hootsuite and the facebook app surprisingly works well on the iPad heh.

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    Many of us are blessed by the support of Apple so we are few more familiar with various fruitful service of it. I’m very pleased to know about the selected applications of iPad. It’ll help me much for successful advertising. Thanks!

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