Facebook Tools – A dive into facebook bots

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But hey aren’t bots against facebook TOS?!
Simple answer. Who cares?


So the other day I felt like spending some money on some *nearly* useless products, and after having no luck with the free “facebook bot” I opted for the more user friendly version of the same thing, and after some digging, I found a nice little bot called Facebook Tools. After $70 deduction to my paypal account and about 4 emails to the supposed owner of the bot, I finally was given a download link that worked, and was able to activate the bot. (online activation, so cracking is gonna be tough, but not impossible :P)

So I went to work, made a bunch of accounts the old fashioned way (hot girl, a few scandalous pics, and a whole lot of way too friendly “about me” information) After pumping out a few accounts I thought I’d give facebook tools a run for its money.

I ran the friend adder successfully for about an hour on my verified account.. but wait m getting ahead of myself here. I had to “borrow” a cell phone just to get that account verified, so I could bypass the annoying captcha process facebook has instilled upon us. Which presents a totally different challenge in that I will need to find a method for bypassing the captcha OR a way in which to verify the accounts without dropping more money on unneeded cellular numbers.

A friend suggested that skype has a service where I can get numbers for $20, so we will have to do some research and see if that would be a worthwhile investment. Anyway back to the bot, I setup a neat little app on my (hot chick) facebook account entitled My Web Embed, which worked wonderfully in the implementation of my affiliate links, and I was up and running.

I put together a nice list of offers with the infamous “more profile pictures” and started up the bot. I ran the friend adder after scraping some FB id’s from a group dedicated to hot women (and shallow men, just the kind im going after :P) I’m going to leave it adding overnight and hopefully in the morning we will see some progress in the dollars department. (I didn’t want to run the adder without a 10 second delay between add’s to minimize bot-like suspicion…even though this probably doesn’t even matter)

After about half an hour of running the bot, I had sent out around 500 friend requests, and was already starting to see some clicks on my affiliate links, and actually made $18, which is a pretty good start.


The thing about facebook is that a lot of the users actually screen their friends, so its hard to filter out the more intelligible users. Your inbox may start to look this way:


This is probably not a problem, as long as these users don’t start to flag your accounts, and as long as you keep your friend requests to a decent number (probably 70 a day), you should be able to minimize suspicion and therefore increase your earnings. After some deeper digging I found that I only actually sent out about 80 of those requests successfully after which this message began to appear:



  1. Jordan Sparxx says

    Good job! but I would not use Facebook tools to do this job. I am also customer of his. Facebook needed a updated and it took several days. Found out programmer is only 15 years old. That explains allot about the update and how cheaply done this is.

  2. john says

    what are the cheapest voip providers to receive captchas ? can many accounts have only 1 number, or is it a one-to-one type of deal with facebook.

  3. Andrew Torre says

    I purchased Facebook Tools and it works great for me. I was skeptical at first but I too have made some cash from promoting on Facebook Tools. It’s nice to see a return.

    @Jordan Sparxx, who cares how old the creator is…the program works fine.

  4. Adam says

    Here’s a hint: Stop fucking with facebook, asshole.

    I know you’re probably going to delete this comment, but there’s enough advertising and bullshit in our everyday online experience as it is without you posting your shenanigans.


  5. admin says

    Hey Adam, Im simply testing out a method for advertising, this can be used in an ethical and justly manner, theres no need for “spam” whatsoever, you just assume that since it is a bot it must be being used for illegitimate activities…

  6. Jeremy says

    hmmm $70 dollars seems a little high though for this “facebook bot” to get blocked like you mentioned. I think I’ll wait till they come down in price :), thanks for the post thou!

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